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Data protected

We pre­pare com­pan­ies to obtain the Data Pro­tec­ted Cer­ti­fic­ate. We imple­ment an inform­a­tion secur­ity man­age­ment sys­tem in the com­pany, con­duct IT risk ana­lys­is and devel­op data pro­tec­tion policies and pro­ced­ures.

The TÜV Nord cer­ti­fic­ate helps to improve company’s image. It shows sta­bil­ity, con­sist­ency and integ­rity in the pro­cessing of inform­a­tion.

The certificate can be obtained in the following areas:
  • inform­a­tion secur­ity,
  • per­son­al data pro­tec­tion,
  • pen­et­ra­tion tests,
  • net­work secur­ity.
Data Protected certificate is based on:
  • leg­al stand­ards,
  • ISO stand­ards,
  • the latest IT solu­tions,

Pri­or to the cer­ti­fic­a­tion, company’s IT secur­ity is veri­fied. We check wheth­er the IT sys­tem is adequately pro­tec­ted and recom­mend stable solu­tions.

The credibility of the company increases after obtaining a confirmation from TÜV Nord.
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