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Implementation of IDS/IPS systems

IDS/IPS are secur­ity sys­tems respons­ible for detect­ing and block­ing poten­tial attacks tar­get­ing the company’s IT resources. Con­fig­ur­ing secur­ity func­tions allows to pro­tect your­self against threats in the net­work and unau­thor­ized attempts to access user accounts. We offer imple­ment­a­tion of IDS/IPS sys­tems that sys­tem admin­is­trat­ors to act quickly whenev­er it is needed.

IDS/IPS is a tool which:
  • can be based either on a com­mer­cial solu­tion or open source soft­ware, e.g. Snort,
  • ensures the max­im­um level of pro­tec­tion of net­work infra­struc­ture,
  • blocks unau­thor­ized access attempts.
Benefits resulting from the implementation of IDS/IPS systems in the company:
  • detec­tion of anom­alies and attacks tar­get­ing net­work infra­struc­ture,
  • pre­vent­ing intru­sions and attempts to break secur­ity,
  • auto­ma­tion of actions taken,
  • intro­du­cing access block­ing,
  • inform­ing the admin­is­trat­or about errors and pos­sible threats.
We offer monitoring of network services.

We provide con­stant IT mon­it­or­ing that con­trols the entire IT infra­struc­ture in the com­pany. Our spe­cial­ists take care of admin­is­tra­tion of IT net­works and per­form net­work traffic ana­lys­is. In the case of the pos­sib­il­ity of the IT sys­tem being attacked, they imme­di­ately take actions that help to pre­vent mal­func­tions.

IT mon­it­or­ing com­bined with the IDS/IPS imple­ment­a­tion is a great solu­tion that allows you to pro­tect your com­pany against numer­ous threats and sys­tem fail­ures.