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IT trainings for companies

We employ spe­cial­ists who have extens­ive exper­i­ence in the IT secur­ity industry. Thanks to many years on the mar­ket and the identi­fy­ing market’s needs, we have pre­pared a wide range of train­ing options for com­pan­ies employ­ees.

We work with cli­ents who rep­res­ent vari­ous mar­ket sec­tors. Provid­ing com­pre­hens­ive IT ser­vices and being in con­stant con­tact with many com­pan­ies means that we are able to pre­dict poten­tial threats and sug­gest what secur­ity meas­ures will be the most suited in the giv­en case.

Areas of IT trainings for companies:
  • Imple­ment­a­tion of inform­a­tion secur­ity pro­ced­ures and policies in the com­pany.
  • Incid­ent man­age­ment and risk ana­lys­is.
  • Inform­a­tion secur­ity admin­is­trat­or role.
  • Mak­ing employ­ees aware of the main threats in the net­work.
  • The issue of secure pro­cessing and stor­age of data in the com­pany.
  • The main prin­ciples of IT secur­ity.

- How to avoid threats?

- How to recog­nize poten­tial attacks and defend against them?

- How to react in the event of a fail­ure?

- What IT secur­ity meas­ures to use in your com­pany?

During a training we will tell you how to ensure information security in the company.
  • We train in Nagios and Post­fix soft­ware.
  • We show how to man­age IT risk.
  • We advise on how to read ser­vice per­form­ance para­met­ers.
  • Per­form­ance improve­ment using LCM, SCCM and the latest updates.